The new brush on the block

Monarch is proud to introduce a brand new, never-seen-before member of the Monarch Advance Collection. A state-of-the-art professional painting accessory, the Monarch Advance Oval Angle Sash Cutter will hit stockists’ shelves for the first time ever in Spring 2022, exclusively to Monarch UK.

Monarch Advance Oval Angle Sash Cutters are individually handcrafted with quality materials for a professional finish. The angled filament provides ‘razor like’ precision for cutting in and trim work whilst the oval head ensures optimum coverage every time. The premium filament blend is suitable for use with all paints and is easily cleaned for storage and repeated use. Ideal for cutting in, trims and detail work.

Designed with innovation and technology, this high-performance premium quality paint accessory is produced with skilled tradies in mind.

The new brush features the signature Monarch Advance triple pinned ferrule and tapered filament. As well as a non-slip fluted raw timber handle and a stainless-steel oval-shaped ferrule.

The long handle gives greater flexibility and control. Whilst the oval shape design holds more paint and angled filament allows for easier cutting in.

Available Sizes – 38mm (1.5”) / 50mm (2”) / 63mm (2.5”) / 75mm (3”)

Read more about the new brush under our products page, available at all Monarch UK Stockists.


Monarch Advance is advancing in the UK

Monarch has started 2022 with gusto by welcoming eleven of the Monarch Advance Brushes onto the shelves of the UK.

Under our premium brand Monarch Advance, we are able to offer our consumers a one-stop shop for all their painting accessory needs. The brushes available include a range of paint brushes, oval cutters and sash cutters in a variety of sizes from 38mm up to 75mm. 

Monarch Advance brushes can now be purchased from the trusted Top Decorator Supplies UK. Known for offering innovative, safe and efficient painting and decorating supplies to tradespeople across the UK and Europe.

With a solid range of products paying attention to the finer details, Top Decorating Supplies UK pride themselves on offering only the best products with the users’ needs in mind.

These brushes are for the true painting professional who is looking for that ultimate finish and understands that perfection comes from quality, durability and maximum performance. Monarch Advance represents the highest in quality when it comes to painting equipment, and only the most premium materials are used to construct these fine painting tools.

You can trust when you use a Monarch Advance product, you will get the ultimate precision and control, time after time.

You can view the full range at 

Or visit Top Decorating Supplies at 60A High Street, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross EN8 0AH, United

Kingdom. ph. 01992 620255

Monarch Advance paint brushes are the tool to talk about

The Monarch Advance paint brush range was independently tested and reviewed by Award Winning Decorator, Wayne de Wet in his established magazine column ‘Tool Talk’. The favourable review was printed in the December 2021 – January 2022 issue of The Decorator magazine where his column is regularly featured. 

In his complimentary rundown, Wayne talks about the key features of Monarch Advance paint brushes that put them in the ‘high-end’ category aimed at professionals of the painting and decorating trade. The review offers a plethora of information of the benefits of the Monarch Advance Paint Brush collection, available in 38mm, 50mm, 63mm and 75mm sizes. 

The Tool Talk column is a staple of the Decorator magazine, the official journal of the Painting and Decorating Association. Aimed at the trade and employers for the painting & decorating industry in the UK, it is a proud moment for Monarch and Monarch Advance to be featured as “pure class” for premium painting accessories for trade in the UK. 

You can read the review in the image below and learn more about the Painting and Decorating Association here-

Monarch proudly welcomed to the Painting and Decorating Association.

Ahead of the release of Monarch Advance paint brushes in the UK, Monarch are proudly welcomed in the December 2021 – January 2022 issue of The Decorator magazine. The official journal of the Painting and Decorating Association. 

The Painting and Decorating Association has been active since 1894 and is the largest trade and employers’ association in the UK painting and decorating industry, with Members across the country.

Members of the Association must fulfil a comprehensive criterion – demonstrating their experience, workmanship and commitment to customer service – before they are allowed to display the PDA’s quality marque, an emblem of professionalism.

The welcoming article talks about Monarch’s commitment to delivering innovative value for money products across most painting categories for professional and DIY painters. As well as Monarchs reputation for providing the ultimate finish and understanding that perfection comes from quality, durability and maximum performance.  

The Decorator magazine is provided in print as well as an online version to all members of the Association. Monarch is appreciative of the welcome in the lead up to the release of the Monarch Advance brush range in the UK.

You can visit the Painting and Decorating Association website here –