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Roller Product Selection

What roller do I use where?

There are a variety of rollers available to help you paint all the different surfaces of your home. It is very important to not only choose a quality roller, but to also choose the RIGHT quality roller for the right surface you are painting.

Each roller has a different thickness of fabric or “nap”, specifically designed for different surfaces around the home. The higher the nap or length of fabric, the more paint a roller will hold. The higher the nap, the rougher the surface the roller is designed for. The smoother the finish you want the lower the nap of roller you should use.

The most commonly used roller nap is 12mm, designed for obtaining a nice finish when painting walls and ceilings.

The “Monarch” range of rollers is clearly labelled to help you choose the right roller for your paint project.

*Note - Before using your new roller, make sure to wash it out to remove any loose fabric or fluff, so you avoid having these fluffy bits ruin your painting project. You should hold your roller under running water, and rub your hand around the roller for about 1 minute to remove any loose lint. Then “shake” the excess water out of the roller, put it on your roller frame, and “spin” it down a wall or door to remove all the excess water. Once there is no more water coming out of the roller when you spin it, it is ready to use!

Painter’s tip when rolling­

When using a roller, try to avoid pushing “too hard” on the roller, as if you push too hard you can get thick paint lines (often referred to as “tram lines”) over your surface. Use a moderate pressure and roll up and down evenly to obtain a smooth quality finish. The only exception to this is of course painting rough surfaces where you “need” to put pressure onto the roller to get into all the deep areas of the surface.

Wall and Ceiling Rollers or Razorback Ceilings and Semi Smooth Walls Rollers have a 12mm nap, and are the most commonly used roller for painting all walls and ceilings around the home. They are designed to hold a fair amount of paint, usually for applying flat or low sheen paints. Quality 12mm nap rollers will apply an even paint film to your walls and ceilings and give you a great finish, without splattering paint all over you and the floor. Professional painters actually use 20mm nap rollers on ceilings, and 12mm nap rollers on walls.

Doors and Cupboards rollers have small 5mm nap to provide smooth quality finish using water based or oil based gloss or semi-gloss paints. They are designed to hold a small amount of paint, which also helps in gaining that ultra smooth finish. These are to be used mainly for painting doors or cupboards.

All Purpose Rollers or Razorback Interior Walls Rollers have a medium 9mm nap, which also gives a very smooth finish. They are designed for painting feature walls or walls where you want to get a really smooth finish with less “roller stipple than 12mm rollers”. You can actually use an “All Purpose roller” on all surfaces in your home, although you will always get a better finish by using the special nap roller designed for a specific surface and purpose.

Rough and Textured Surface Rollers have a thick 20mm nap, and are specifically designed to paint rough surfaces like bagged brick, render or brickwork itself. They are also designed to hold large volumes of paint, as these surfaces are very thirsty to paint. The thick roller helps on these surfaces, not only to put on more paint, but also to “get into all the deep surfaces” that these rough surfaces have.

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Hardware Lane Distributors is a leading wholesaler and distributor of quality paint brushes and painting accessories.